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Wowza… Sooo much going on… but Still Slinging Hair!

Hello Friends!
Whatcha all been up to? I have been up to plenty around here, and my calendar is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon…

Me and my sweetie celebrated our one-year wedding anniversary… ALREADY! How did that happen??

We also celebrated a BIG number birthday for him… I won’t reveal how old he is because you won’t believe it… I sure don’t.
With it being a big number bday, I asked him where in the entire world he would like to go and celebrate… He picked Vegas to see Pearl Jam… Not a gambler or big drinker, I was perplexed by this idea… Especially since Eddie Veddar just lives down the street from us in W Seattle… but… that is what he wanted to do, so that’s what we did… and it was a blast!! (of course i picked the hotel… Paris!)

A few nights before we left for Vegas, our entire family… us and the furbabies stayed up way past our bedtime to see if we could see the Aurora Borealis.. and wow! It was worth it! Such an amazing work of art put on by Mother Nature.. Hope y’all got to see it also!

No matter where we travel to in the world, I am always so grateful for where we live… Its a sliver of paradise that I am blessed to be in…

All this being said… I still have a lot coming up…
Bulldog Ball, a fundraiser/formal for Bulldog Rescue on the first of June
Charleston, NC, in a couple of weeks…
Family reunion at the end of June
and other fun activities sprinkled out through the summer months!

I am still taking clients on Sundays and Mondays.
This is my oasis from all the crazy life activities,.
I so enjoy catching up with all of you, providing great hair with a tranquil environment.
I love it so much that I may increase my hours.
I am booked for over a month in advance now, sometimes up to two…
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reach out if you need to get in and don’t see an opening that works for you.. I will do my very best to accommodate.
Also, keep those referrals coming.. I absolutely love meeting all your loved ones! (Referrals and the person referring will both receive $20 off their service/s)

One last photo I will end with… I thought it was hilarious…
My husband took this photo of Eloise and me after two days of hosting a garage sale. cause “why not?!”.. throw one more thing in there??
This was taken at 6:30 PM… confirming I am NOT a night owl..

ps: If you would like more information about Bulldog Rescue or attend/donate here is the link! :


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Dawn Marie

I LOVE what I do.. I love engaging in conversation with my clients... old or new. I have been doing hair since I was 16 and find more love for it every passing year! I also LOVE to travel.. Paris is my happy place or just hanging out with loved ones!