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Marching on Into March… A little Skip to my Step… 5 Ideas to Help With Stress

The Sun Is Out!
Currently, the sun is beaming in on me, and it feels so great—even though it is only 38 degrees out.
And it’s finally staying light out longer. But don’t forget to “spring forward” this coming Sunday. An hour less of sleep… can we all do a group groan… AGHHH.

(My sunny spot for writing)
Spring Forward means I also will be getting an hour less of vacation!
… Friday I head to Florida to watch some major league baseball while sitting in 75+ degree weather… We may even pop up to Disney World if time allows. We have a full schedule of walking on local beaches, laying by the pool, reading a book while drinking coffee on the porch.. RELAXATION!

This time of year here in the PNW the grey on grey days seem to compound stress.
Every year I visualize January and Febraury not being “that bad” and every year it seems to get worse… the days drag on and on. (I for one don’t need an extra day in February, thank you very much!)
I wait for the first signs of spring. As soon as I see the first flower show it’s head above ground I label it “HOPE”… Hope for easier and better days.
Talking with some of you recently I find myself to be very blessed and grateful for many things in my life… Stressful times will come and go just like the change of seasons.

What do you do when you are going through stressful times? How do you keep your wits about you?
If you struggle to answer this question… here are a few things I have been doing that seem to help.
1. I finally went totally off Social Media. Believing that I needed to be on it to thrive in my careers made me a little nervous. The coaxing from my hubby reassured me that the world would continue to function if I deleted my “profiles”.
What I found: I have so much more time! Realizing that after posting something about my businesses I would scroll and scroll and scroll… such an addiction!
I am setting out to prove that I still will succeed, even without social media…

2. Leaving my phone behind while interacting with loved ones or out in nature. In past days I would feel the need to look at my screen to see if anyone texted me, emailed or again … social media. Missing out on the tranquility of my long walks, interacting 100% for my friends and family… Yet again, another addiction…

3. When I can’t turn my brain off when my head hits the pillow… I practice visualization.
I remember an experience that changed my life for the better… The day my son was born, my wedding day in the rain, walking through Paris alone, picking up Eloise to bring her to her forever home… I dive in deep, trying to remember every detail of these days, taking me back to each happy emotion… reliving it once again…
This makes me fall asleep stress-free, with a smile on my face each and every time.

4. No matter the weather, I get outside at least once daily.
Running is my passion, but if it’s too icy, I will grab my boots and warm clothes and venture out for a long walk. Even in the rain, I am always amazed at how much better I feel. I have no regrets!

5. Writing! I believe everyone should write at least three sentences a day. What three things are you grateful for? Reports have confirmed that it’s hard to be stressed when recounting things to be thankful for.

I hope this small list helps some of you.
No one gets out of this world without stressful days.
Like the saying goes “you can’t have a rainbow without the rain”.

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